Music Blocks

Providing Access to Music Literacy to Underserved Children

Sunny Hill Elementary


Private Lessons

Music Blocks is currently offering a piano program at Sunny Hill Elementary School in Carpentersville, where, according to the Illinois Department of Education, 90% of the students in 2017 were classified as low income.  The vast majority of these families could not afford either private lessons or a piano in their home and may not even have enough space in their home to furnish a small piano or keyboard.  To address this, Music Blocks is providing current Sunny Hill students in grades 2 to 5, semi-private lessons at Sunny Hill as an afterschool activity.  They are supplying full length (88 weighted key) keyboards, with stands, stools and headphones and the music lesson books and materials so students can take lessons on site at Sunny Hill.  To better ensure the students’ success with the program, Music Blocks is offering 30 minute private or semi-private lessons (depending on the grouping of students) to each student, three days per week, by fully qualified, experienced piano teachers.   


Group Lessons

Every 4-6 weeks students will have group lessons consisting of approximately 6-8 students.  Group lessons will provide an informal performance opportunity where students can play current repertoire for their fellow music students.  In addition, students will enjoy various theory and musicianship games and activities to reinforce their reading skills in a fun, group environment.